Full-Mouth Restoration

Our Vancouver dentists will analyze every aspect of your smile and then correct any problems by creating a customized full-mouth treatment plan just for you. 

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What is a Full-Mouth Restoration?

A full-mouth restoration is a coordinated treatment plan that consists of a combination of dental procedures to address all of your needs. The result? A smile that is straighter, lighter and more even.

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Your Customized Treatment Plan

Diseases, trauma, and poor oral hygiene can all contribute to the need to restore your smile. No matter what your reasons are, our dentists are happy to work with you. 

We will begin by conducting a comprehensive oral health evaluation and then recommend a combination of dental procedures to help restore your smile.

Common Procedures

A full-mouth restoration plan typically involves the use of dental veneers, and other dental restorations such as the placement of dental crowns and onlays, and teeth whitening

In combination, these procedures offer the look and feel of natural teeth, and can dramatically alter your smile. 

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