Children's Dental Care

At Image Smiles Dental in Vancouver, our dentists and team provide dental care and treatment options for children and their growing smiles.

Caring for Children's Smiles

We provide dental care for babies and children at our dental office.  We aim to work at their pace and speak to them in language they can understand.

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Your Child's First Visit

By the arrival of your child's first birthday, a visit to the dentist is recommended. The earlier that first visit takes place, the better your child's chances of preventing dental problems.

We will evaluate your child's teeth and provide recommendations for home care, including diet counselling, brushing and flossing instructions, and fluoride information to help your child maintain a healthy smile.

Services for Children

Oral health is just as important for children as it is for adults.

At Image Smiles Dental, we provide a variety of treatment options for children.

  • Preventive Hygiene & Fluoride

    Regular dental cleanings and exams can help protect and maintain the health of children's teeth and gums. We also provide fluoride treatment for children as a preventive measure to help keep their teeth healthy.     Learn More

  • Dental Fillings

    Despite efforts to encourage good dental hygiene, sometimes kids require dental restorations. If your child has a cavity, your dentist can remove the decay and fill the space with a tooth-coloured composite filling.

  • Dental Sealants

    To help prevent decay in the molars and premolars, your dentist may apply a dental sealant to help seal off hard-to-clean fissures between your child's teeth and help protect them from developing cavities.

Children's Dental Services | Image Smiles Dental

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