Dental Implants in Vancouver

At Image Smiles in Vancouver, our dentists use dental implants to help support tooth replacements for patients with one or more missing teeth. 

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small, titanium post that is surgically placed into the gums. It acts as the root of a missing tooth and holds a custom-fitted tooth replacement in place. Together, the implant and tooth replacement may look and feel like natural teeth, and implants can help restore your smile.

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Uses for Implants

A dental implant can support a variety of tooth replacements and dental restorations including crowns, bridges and dentures. 

When used in combination with a dental restoration, an implant can help replace missing teeth, and may address a variety of oral health issues including:

  • Resolving jaw joint pain or bite problems 
  • Improving chewing, speech and digestion
  • Restoring or enhancing facial tissues

Why Replace Missing Teeth

It can be important to replace missing teeth to maintain your overall oral health.

Without a tooth replacement, teeth may begin to shift out of place and cause misalignment issues. A missing tooth may also lead to a number of serious issues including decay, gum disease, bone loss and eventual tooth loss.

If your jaw bone is not strong enough to support a dental implant, you may require a bone graft or sinus lift before it can be placed. 

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