How to Fix Gaps in Teeth Without Braces

Are you worried about not being able to find an alternative to braces to help straighten your smile? Fear not. Today, our Vancouver dentists list other options that are available.

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Can Children and Teens Get Their Teeth Whitened?

Our Vancouver dentists advise against teeth whitening for children and young teens for a few important reasons. We'll share these today and tell you how your child or teen can help prevent teeth staining and discolouration.

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How to achieve and maintain a whiter smile

Our Vancouver dentists provide insights and advice on how you can achieve a whiter smile, and how to keep it that way.

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What is puberty gingivitis?

Puberty gingivitis can develop in children during puberty. Here, our dentists in Vancouver explain what causes this preventable condition and how it can be avoided. 

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My teeth are too big, what can I do?

Some people are unhappy with the size of their two teeth, the lateral incisors. If you also fall into this category, you're not alone. Today, our dentists in Vancouver list treatment options available to you if you'd like to increase your confidence in your smile.

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What will happen during my children's dental appointment?

While a child's dental appointment will have many of the same aspects as an adult dental appointment, there are some significant differences. Today, our Vancouver dentists share what you can expect during your child's dental appointment.

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How to Fix Stained or Discoloured Teeth

Teeth can lose their whiteness due to many factors. However, there are some cosmetic treatment options available to help reverse the effects of discoloured or stained teeth. Today, our Vancouver dentists have some useful tips for you to keep your smile white and bright.

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How do I get my toddler to brush their teeth?

Getting your kids to brush their teeth can be tricky - just like trying to get them to eat their vegetables! That said, forming good oral hygiene habits while they are young is essential. Our [SITEIWDE][LOCATION] dentists have some tips for you. 

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Can Teeth Whitening Damage my Teeth?

Patients often ask our Vancouver dentists if whitening will damage their teeth. Today, our dentists offer facts about the safety of teeth whitening to reassure those aiming to achieve a whiter smile.

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Healthy Teeth: Why Starting Early is Key

The best defence against tooth decay and many other health-related issues is preventive oral hygiene. Today, our dentists in Vancouver offer some facts about why establishing good dental healthcare routines early in life is key for your child's health.

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