Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Uneven Teeth

Uneven teeth can erode one's self-esteem. Fortunately, there are treatments that can restore your confidence in your smile. Our Vancouver dentists explain these procedures and their benefits.

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Topical Fluoride: How Fluoride Works

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Here, our Vancouver dentists explain how topical fluoride treatments work to protect your teeth.

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Treatment Options for a Gummy Smile

When you smile, how much gum shows? If your smile is too gummy, our Vancouver dentists explain treatment options.

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When should I start flossing my children's teeth?

Have you been brushing your children's teeth and are curious about when it is okay to safely begin flossing their teeth as well? Our Vancouver dentists are here to answer the common question of when you can begin to floss your children's teeth and how you can help them enjoy the process.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing to Cosmetic Dental Treatment

With cosmetic procudures becoming more popular and easier to access you may begin to wonder if you should consider this option to alter your smile. That's why our Vancouver dentists offer some questions below to ask yourself to be sure that you would like to commit to cosmetic dental treatment.

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What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist?

While general dentists address the needs of a variety of patients, pediatric dentists specialize in the oral health care of children, from infants to teenagers. Here, our Vancouver dentists discuss the differences between pediatric dentists and general dentists.

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Can Dental Crowns & Veneers Stain?

A successful veneer or crown procedure may leave you wondering how to keep them from staining, or even if they can stain. Our Vancouver dentists explain how to care for your new crown or veneer.

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How To Teach Oral Hygiene To Kids

Good oral hygiene habits start when children are babies. We explain why it’s important to teach habits early through instruction and reinforce them throughout childhood.

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Professional Teeth Whitening vs. White Strips

In this post, our Vancouver dentists discuss why they would likely recommend professional teeth whitening instead of over-the-counter white strips.

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How to Talk To Children About Visiting the Dentist

For many children, the idea of visiting the dentist can be a bit intimidating or scary at first. Today, our Vancouver dentists explain how you can talk to your kids about these initial dental appointments to help them feel more at ease. 

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